Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Where are you located?

We do not have a storefront, however, be on the lookout for pop-up locations and/or farmer's markets around town when restrictions ease up. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest information.

FAQ: I only want a sampling of some flavors. What are my options?

If you are looking to order a smaller assortment (1-2 flavors each), we would recommend ordering through our current month's lineup. You can have as little as 4 cupcakes delivered! Although you are limited to selecting from six-flavor choices, you will get a tasting and variety. The lineup changes monthly so you can look forward to trying new flavors every month!

FAQ: I want to order flavors outside of your current lineup, what do I need to do?

You are welcomed to order ANY flavors on the menu with a minimum order per flavor of a 1/2 dozen and at least 72-hour notice. We simply cannot bake one cupcake at a time! Delivery is on the fixed dates outlined for the current month. We can definitely discuss deliveries outside of the fixed dates as needed! Pricing is: 6-ct box for $28 and 12-ct box for $50. Once you're ready to order or if you have additional questions, please contact us at or click here.

FAQ: How do I store my cupcakes?

Your cupcakes are best enjoyed at room temperature on the day of purchase! They can be left out at room temperature for up to three days. If you do not plan to consume them within three days, we recommend freezing them in an airtight container for up to seven days. To thaw out, simply leave them at room temperature for at least two hours before they are to be served. 

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